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Hand luggage and baggage

Hand luggage and carried items in the cabin, baggage

Learn about the dimension limits, price, and rules for transportation of hand luggage and carried items in the cabin, baggage.

Maximum dimensions

The dimensions of all personal belongings should not exceed 36x30x27 cm



Items are not limited in quantity and weight, but must be freely placed in a calibrator with a tightly closed lid without applying pressure.*



Additionally and at no extra charge:

  • a laptop or a tablet in a soft case the size of the device without additional pockets and departments
  • an umbrella cane (but not a beach umbrella!)

Dimensions are checked:

  • during check-in
  • at the boarding gate
  • while boarding the plane

Food and goods bought at the airport must be freely placed in the calibrator along with the rest of the items!


For children

  • the norms of carried items in the cabin or hand baggage do not apply for children under 2 years old who travel without a separate seat. Standard rules apply for a baby if they have a separate seat
  • children over 2 years old travel according to standard rules and can carry items in the cabin or hand baggage corresponding to the established dimensions of 36x30x27 cm

Transportation of liquids in cabin:

  • the volume of one package for liquids is limited by 100 ml. If the package capacity is more than 100 ml, you will not be allowed to take it on board, even if it is not fully filled
  • all packages with liquids must be packed in a transparent plastic bag
  • the total volume of liquids must be no more than 1 liter

What cannot be carried in cabin:

  • corkscrews
  • hypodermic needles (unless medical justification is provided)
  • knitting needles
  • scissors
  • any knives
  • mercury thermometers

If you need injections during the flight, you are allowed to take syringes with you on board, but only upon presentation of a medical certificate.

More information about the rules for the transportation of liquids and other dangerous items

*Customers can also use the hand baggage rules based on the Federal Aviation Regulations. 

If you forget your belongings on board the aircraft, you need to contact the unclaimed baggage room at the arrival airport (information for Sheremetyevo).

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