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Travel Insurance

Get an AlfaStrakhovanie insurance certificate together with your ticket to control various situations that might arise during the trip.


Flight insurance from 449 ₽

  • up to 60,000 ₽ - baggage protection

  • up to 7,000 ₽ - flight delay or cancellation

  • up to 4,000 ₽ - loss of documents
  • up to 1,500,000 ₽ - health protection
  • up to 5,000 ₽ - when redirecting a flight to another airport


Instant payments to the card up to 7000 ₽ in case of flight delay or cancellation


You can easily return the full cost of the policy at any time before departure


You can apply for an insurance payment online, payments up to 15,000 ₽ are made from photographs


In case of baggage loss, damage or delay, compensation is paid based on photographs of documents


Payments up to 5,000 ₽ when redirecting a flight to another airport


If your suitcase is damaged beyond repair, you can buy a new one and get a payout of up to rub 15,000

Please read the insurance terms and conditions

Trip cancellation insurance from rub 229

Compensation of the ticket price in case of cancellation for unforeseen reasons up to rub 40,000

  • Hospitalization
  • Damage to property
  • Infectious diseases
  • Conscription
  • Natural disasters
  • Court proceedings
  • Passing away
  • Isolation/Observation in connection with the diagnosed COVID-19 (the need to comply with quarantine during the trip due to the COVID-19 diagnosed by the direct method) - works both before the trip and during the trip, that is, it is suitable for transfers specified in the policy
  • Injury
  • Theft of documents
  • Reduction at work
  • Public transport accident
  • Vaccination (closed list of especially dangerous diseases)
  • Assistance to government representatives
  • Investigative actions
  • "Weather conditions"
  • For foreign trips of Russian citizens:
    – visa refusal
    – delay in obtaining a visa
    – issuance of a visa with a validity period later than the start date of transportation

Please read the insurance terms

Health Insurance from rub 68 per day


Suitable for visa, including Schengen countries


Payments of up to rub 1,500,000 or €35,000 for healthcare expenses, including COVID-19 treatment


Transportation costs for transit to a healthcare facility and return flight


Emergency expenses for dentistry and communications


24/7 customer support service for insurance and assistance

Please read the insurance terms and conditions

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